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Agape Investigations is a firm of Florida licensed private investigators specializing in all types of missing person locates. We can help you find long-lost friends and family members, estranged lovers and childhood acquaintances, old military and work buddies, as well as finding people for legal reasons, such as elusive debtors, deadbeat parents and witnesses for criminal and civil cases. Whoever you want to find, for whatever reason*, we can usually find them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Unlike all those “find anyone for $40” web sites you can find all over the Internet, we will not simply provide you with a huge list of addresses and contact information from old, outdated databases, which may or may not even include the person you are trying to find. We are experienced, professional, state licensed private investigators who have many years of experience in locating individuals, and who over the years, have developed unrivaled skills, techniques and resources – many of which are unavailable to the public – that help us find exactly who you are looking for.

If there is someone you want to locate, let the missing person specialists at Agape Investigations help you find them. Just call us at (904) 755-2109 to speak with an investigator now, or complete the form on the right to request a call-back.

* Please note that we take significant precautions to protect the people we are hired to find, and make all efforts to prevent stalkers and other individuals with nefarious intent from using our services.

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